Doing Barbecue the way Barbecue was ment to be done


​     The Big Q Barbecue is a long line of triditional Quick's family Barbecue which started in 1953,  By the Quick's Marvin and Herb which started Quick's 7th Street Barbecue in Armourdale. In 1986 Rusty Quick, Marvin's  Son and Gary Wright, Marvin's son in law started the Big Q Barbecue in Maple Hill.

      Rusty started working at the 7th St Barbecue when he was 10 year old busing tables do dishes and learnig the bussiness from the

ground up. Working evenigs through the school year and  on weedends. In 1979 Gary started working in the family bussiness and learning the trade so that by 1986 both Rusty and Gary broke away and started the Big Q Barbecue.

      The Big Q has always done barbecue the way barbecue  was suppose to be done in a oven with 100% wood burning fire the way its is

supposel to be done, not with gas then a little smoke for flavor like some other bbq do it. These ovens are made for barbecueing like  barbecueing was intended to be, and not for just smoking meats. Here at the Big Q we dont smother our meat with a lot of dry rub, like they do when you are just smoking meat, all we do is use our Barbecue Sauce on the meat put in the oven and lite the the wood fire under it, the way the Quick family has been doing it for over 60 years.